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5 Tips for Reducing Stress

5 Tips for Reducing Stress
5 Tips for Reducing Stress

Did you know?

Hectic schedules can also lead to increased stress levels, so it’s important to alleviate stress whenever you can. Too much stress can lead to the following health issues: insomnia, anxiety or depression, low morale, short temper, headaches, stomachaches, back problems. Use the following tips to help alleviate stress as it comes your way.

  •       Plan your day and prioritize your tasks.

Before beginning to panic about the long list of things you want to get done, set realistic goals for the day and deadlines for when you want the tasks completed. Do not rush and always have a backup plan in case you run into a speed bump along the way.

  •       Focus on things you can control.

Break large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones instead of trying to tackle a large project all at once.

  •       Take steps slowly.

Before acting, think about the end result that you desire so you do not have to backtrack later.

  •       Use all available resources.

Seek out resources to help you get things done, such as a willing spouse, knowledgeable relative, trustworthy friend or hardworking coworker. 

  •       Take short breaks.

When you start to feel anxious, take a break. Have a glass of water, read a chapter in a book or watch the news. This will get your mind off the task for a few moments and allow you to feel a bit more refreshed.

Healthy Hints

If the stresses in your life become more than you can bear or manage with these simple techniques, consider seeking professional assistance. A knowledgeable professional will be able to work with you to devise time management skills and stress-reducing techniques.

Disclaimer: This flyer is for informational purposes only and is not intended as professional advice.

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