About Us


WHat we believe

Making the insurance process easy - one client at a time.

For over 60 years, we have worked to stand apart as an agency by making decisions based upon foundational principles that we believe are core to all we do. We value doing business with like-minded people.

Relationships matter most

Integrity does not have a price

Kindness and civility are a must

Family is central to all we do

Our past is our future

When LeBaron & Carroll first opened it’s doors in 1959, the insurance industry functioned very differently than it does today. It was a far simpler time. Agency owners Milo LeBaron and John Carroll sought to create a business that could improve lives, better the community, and help businesses thrive. Doing business with integrity and always valuing a relationship over profit were bedrock principles.


Since that time, Lebaron & Carroll has grown significantly, but the basic principles upon which the company were founded have remained the same. With clients and employees spread across the United States, the agency has become one of the largest independent insurance brokerages headquartered in Arizona.


We work hard to maintain exceptional relationships with regional and national insurance companies in order to provide clients with superior coverage options. Our best efforts are focused on helping businesses lower insurance rates by reducing risks and becoming more attractive to insurance companies.

We simplify

Insurance is complex—but we don’t want it to feel that way for our clients. All our processes are focused on relieving our client’s burdens and doing all in our power to make insurance pain free.

We specialize

We are experts so you don’t have to be! Our people know your industry. Rest assured we have the experience and resources needed to find the right solutions for your unique challenges.

We invest

We believe in win-win partnerships. Our clients become part of our lives and we believe in giving back. As an agency we invest heavily into resources meant to bring value to our clients and team members.

We guide

You are the hero of your journey. Our role is to be a guide that shows you the way to greater prosperity and gives you the tools, training, and guidance needed to make it happen.

“Their customer service has been the driver for me. They are just so responsive.”
– S. Kasallis
“They got us with an insurance provider that covered us professionally the way we needed to be covered. That has made a huge impact on us. Additionally, they did save us quite a bit of money too. And their responsiveness has been incredible.”
– V. Frash

Making A Difference

One person at a time

We believe that we exist on this earth to serve one another. Every person can make a difference. We, as a company, have the responsibility to make a difference in the lives of our people, our clients, and all their families. Being involved in and improving our respective communities is fundamentally part of who we are.

Serving Our Communities

Environmental Cleanup

As a company we participate in cleaning and preserving our environment so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Community Support

We regularly support organizations in our community that provide services and goods to families and individuals who are most in need.

Event Sponsors

We participate in sponsoring local sports teams in our schools and community, as well as larger scale athletic events.

Schools and Churches
Our team members give generously of their time to local churches and schools to support the development of faith and educational opportunities. As a company, we also donate funds in support of these institutions.

Partnered Organizations