Insurance for Educational Institutions

Unique Educational Challenges Require Unique Solutions

Leaders of educational institutions have a lot to worry about when it comes to preparing the next generation. Hidden risks and insurance coverage gaps just add to their already full plates.

Hidden risks lie in wait.

Schools and learning centers deal with unique challenges and hidden risks that can potentially cause significant loss if they’re left uncovered.

Insufficient coverage leaves schools open to risk.

Traditional agents often have limited experience with schools. They don’t have a full understanding of the hidden risks in education when suggesting coverage. This leaves many schools without proper insurance coverage.

Lack of resources is a constant struggle.

Management is often in need of additional resources or help to keep staff trained, monitor compliance issues, control areas of risk, and manage long-term claims.

Education Insurance

Doesn’t Get Easier Than This

We partner with educational organizations to provide insurance insight and expertise, as well as a helping hand. We understand the problems the education industry faces when it comes to insurance, and we’ve built solutions.

Control the Narrative

Insurance rates for schools are heavily influenced by the quality of the information provided to underwriters. The more we can document and prove your efforts to lower risk and ensure safety, the more we can use our strong relationships with local, regional, and national insurance companies to help you get the coverage you need at the lowest rates possible.

Create a Sustainable Safety Culture

Supplement your own training resources with our dedicated safety team. We’ll help you educate and train your staff on important loss prevention practices, compliance issues, and safety procedures specific to your workplace. But we don’t just provide tools. We help change your safety culture to empower your employees, reduce costs, and unify your team.

Identify Hidden Risks

We’ll guide you through a process to identify possible hidden risks within your organization so you can have peace of mind and confidence knowing you’re fully protected. Say goodbye to uncovered claims!

How to win

at the insurance game

Feeling frustrated with your insurance program? Learn the basic steps to taking control of your insurance and finding peace-of-mind.

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Your Proactive Insurance Partner

“I feel in control of my insurance. And if I’m not in control of it, I know they are. So, I know whatever I’m forgetting that they’re on top of it.”
– S. Kasallis
Specialized Education Expertise
Specialty Coverage for Your Hidden Risks
Training & Compliance Resources to Improve Your Safety Culture
Worry-Free Claims Management

We'll Show You the Way

We want you to have the confidence to run your educational institution with the peace of mind of knowing your insurance is under control. Our programs and resources are designed to educate you and your team on what you can do to lower risks, improve safety, and reduce insurance costs.

An Unmatched Safety Program

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You Can Count on Us

Our agents go above and beyond to anticipate changes within the education industry and keep their finger on the pulse of what your institution needs. We work with you year-round to prepare and manage a plan to keep future costs as low as possible, while also taking immediate care of ongoing service needs.