Commercial Transportation Insurance

Operating on a Thin Line

Your transportation business is largely in the hands of your drivers. Commercial transportation requires a proactive insurance approach to deal with heavy regulations and economic pressures driving costs up.

Driver training and accident prevention.

One severe accident or a few too many minor accidents can be all it takes to push your insurance coverage over the edge. That means your business is in the hands of your drivers. Large companies can have more than an 80% turnover rate from one year to the next. It’s a real challenge to reinforce a safe driving culture and keep drivers updated on training, especially when they feel pressure to get to their destination faster.

Increased regulation.

Commercial transportation is one of the most heavily regulated industries out there. It’s time consuming and takes a team effort to ensure your safety and compliance is up to date. Companies already understaffed can find themselves falling behind and reacting to problems rather than preventing them in the first place.

Rising insurance costs.

Even if you’ve had no losses, every insurance company is trying to raise rates in transportation to offset the large losses across the industry. Working with a broker with access to as many markets as possible is critical to keeping rates competitive.

Safety and Diligence

are the Keys to Lower Costs

As your insurance experts, we’ll partner with you to build a transportation safety culture that minimizes accidents and claims. We have extensive experience helping trucking companies improve safety and compliance and reduce rates while maintaining an adequate level of insurance coverage.

Create a Sustainable Safety Culture

Our team of transportation industry experts will help you improve your New Hire process, paperwork, and safety orientation training program. Not only that, but we’ll help you create ongoing Fleet Safety programs and practices and teach you how to properly document your driver training.

Constantly Review and Plan Ahead

We’ll meet with you at least once a quarter to review any and all changes to your business, claims, new equipment revenue, payroll, and other details to keep your rates as low as possible. We’ll also help you prepare for annual renewals by giving insurance carriers an updated picture of your business. Our constant proactive process sets us apart from most other agents who just react and catch up with you once a year when it’s time to renew.

How to win

at the insurance game

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Your Proactive Insurance Partner

“There are a number of things LeBaron & Carroll has done for us. If I ever need information, they’re right there. Secondly, they understand the insurance business. I get the impression from Milo that he works the insurance provider for the best price. I feel like he is negotiating on my behalf, and that’s important. Lastly, they are a one-stop-shop. I don’t have to go to multiple agencies to get the coverages I need.”
– P. Zapf
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We want your drivers to be safe and your transportation company to be adequately covered for any accident. Our programs and resources are designed to give you the power to take control and lower your insurance rates.

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Our agents go above and beyond to anticipate industry changes and keep their finger on the pulse of what your business needs. We won’t stop until we find the right insurance solutions for your commercial transportation business.