Technology Business Insurance

Complex Insurance Options for a Rapidly Changing Environment

The biggest problem tech companies face when it comes to business insurance is making sure they have the right coverage. A fast-paced evolving industry requires insurance that can quickly adapt.

Basic coverage isn't enough.

Businesses across other industries can rely on basic coverage. Not so much for tech companies. Whether you’re a startup or an established name, you face unique risks often not covered by basic business insurance.

Cyber insurance is constantly evolving.

You need insurance agents with a specialized knowledge of the industry who understand the specific areas of risk that need the most attention. Cyber policies are not one-size-fits-all. Coverages such as Social Engineering, PCI, and 3rd Party Liability need to be considered carefully and customized to adequately cover your level of risk.

Expert Insurance Analysis

to Make Sure You’re Covered

We’ll work with you to make sure you’re covered correctly and you have adequate limits for your particular level of risk. We want you to rest easy knowing your business is covered at the best rates possible.

Control the Narrative

Insurance underwriters can give significant credits and discounts to tech businesses that represent a lower level of risk. Most agents only provide the basic required information to get quotes from underwriters. We’ll help you become more attractive to insurance companies by supplying more information to underwriters than they typically receive.

Thorough Risk and Coverage Analysis

We’ll make sure you’re not paying more than you should for coverage and we’ll look for hidden exclusions that could put you at increased risk for an uncovered claim. We’ll leave no stone unturned looking for the areas that you need to make sure are covered to protect your business.

How to win

at the insurance game

Feeling frustrated with your insurance program? Learn the basic steps to taking control of your insurance and finding peace-of-mind.

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Your Proactive Insurance Partner

“Our agent is always educating me on coverages and how they affect our business. He feels like an instant friend. He is very transparent.”
– C. Chambers
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We'll Show You the Way

We want you to rest easy knowing your tech business has the right insurance coverage to keep up with industry changes. Our programs and resources are designed to give you the power to take action for lower insurance rates.

Accident Prevention

You Can Count on Us

Our agents go above and beyond to anticipate industry changes and keep their finger on the pulse of what your business needs. We won’t stop until we find the right insurance solutions for your tech business.