Identify Hidden Risks


Take the Guesswork Out of Your Business Insurance

Business owners worry about two big questions when it comes to insurance:

"How much business insurance coverage do I need?"​

"How do I protect my business from uncovered claims?"

Every part of your business has some level of risk, and every industry has its own unique risks. You can’t afford to get caught with inadequate coverage (or none at all) when unforeseen emergencies arise.

3 Steps

to greater peace of mind

How do you identify hidden risks? We’ve developed a simple process to help you sleep better at night knowing you’ve considered every possibility.


Take Our Online Hidden Risk Assessment

Our custom tool will help you identify the areas where surprises could be lurking so you know which parts of your business need attention.


Evaluate the Results

You’ll receive a report summarizing the areas of your business that are most at-risk, or you can opt for a more in-depth exploration that goes into more detail about specific areas where you’re most vulnerable to losses, along with precise and customized recommendations for managing each risk.


Let Us Show You How to Take Action

We’ll help you analyze your risk and choose the best course of action. Leverage our decades of experience to get the answers and help you need to feel confident and at ease.

We have a partner looking out for future risks to our business

“It’s the visibility and communication. I don’t get surprised. I know what to expect.”
- Bruce Johansson

Don't get


Take action now to prevent surprises later. The more you know about your risks, the more you can do to manage, mitigate, and reduce them.

Lower Insurance Costs

By identifying your hidden risks, you’ll be better prepared to prevent costly unexpected claims, and therefore reduce your long-term expenses.

Save Time

Save time in the long run by putting in the effort to address your hidden risks now.

Gain Peace of Mind

Stop worrying that you missed something and run your business with the confidence that you’re covered in even the worst-case scenarios.

Business Insurance

Doesn't get any easier than this

We make business insurance easy, seamless, and personal by understanding your business and staying ahead of your needs so you know what to expect.

Explore our video series to see how we can help you lower your overall insurance costs and navigate coverages and claims.

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