Control the


Don’t Leave Your Business Insurance to Luck

Lower insurance premiums don’t just land in your lap. Underwriters determine what to charge you – and which discounts to give – based on the information provided to them. It’s up to you and your agent to give them reasons to offer you the best possible pricing.

Lower your rates by becoming more attractive to insurance companies.

Differentiate your business from others to avoid higher rates.

Control the story underwriters receive to earn discounts.

Show you’re lowering risk to earn the lowest possible rates.

3 Steps

3 steps to controlling your insurance narrative & lowering costs

Start today to get the lowest insurance rates possible tomorrow.


Choose Your Agent Carefully

The right insurance agent can make all the difference. Choose somebody who knows your industry and is willing to take the time to personally look out for your interests. You need an agent who will help you rise to the “top of the stack” when it comes time for a quote.


Help Tell Your Story

Your agent is responsible for giving underwriters what they need to help you qualify for discounts. Work with them early and often to gather detailed information that will help you look more attractive to insurance companies. Highlight everything you’ve done to lower your risk and make your business safer to insure.


Follow Up and Follow Through

Confirm with your agent that underwriters have every detail they need. Make it easy for them to identify every applicable credit and discount possible, and follow up to make sure they’ve considered it all. Our agents use a 60-point checklist to ensure we’ve gathered all the information that could help you save.

I definitely feel like I am in control of my insurance

“I definitely feel like I am in control of my insurance, but that is a direct result of LeBaron and Carroll’s willingness to educate me and help me understand how it all works.”

- J. Burrell

Put the odds

Back in your favor

The time and effort you put into being proactive about how insurance companies see your business will more than pay for itself.

Lower Costs

By building a reputation that underwriters can trust, you’ll make it easier to lock in low rates over the long haul.

Save Time

The effort you put into controlling the narrative now will save you time later in the renewal process and if you ever have to make a claim.

Gain Peace of Mind

Stop worrying if you’re getting the best deal. As you work with your agent to make your business more attractive to insurance companies, you can rest easy knowing your rates can always be on the low side of your industry’s average.

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