Manufacturing Insurance

Efficiency and Safety Must Go Hand-in-Hand

Industrial fabricators and manufacturers have to focus on safety. It’s a requirement for doing business. But so is keeping prices down and efficiency up. It can be difficult to find the right balance with high employee turnover and economic pressures.

Managing a high volume of claims.

Manufacturers deal with a higher frequency of claims than businesses in other industries. Safety is a big deal. Does your safety culture continuously generate claims, or does it empower employees to watch out for one another and make improvements to minimize risks?

Revolving doors lead to higher rates.

It’s hard to keep highly-skilled workers. With high turnover, it can be difficult to train new employees quickly and properly. Poor onboarding often leads to higher risk of injuries since most claims occur within the first year of employment. That can all add up to higher insurance rates cutting into your margins.

Manage Your Risk

and Tell Your Story for Lower Rates

Our agents will work directly with your team to make your manufacturing business more attractive to insurance companies. We can help you document to underwriters how you’re building a Sustainable Safety Culture to manage risks and prevent claims.

Control the Narrative

To bring prices down, it’s essential that you become more attractive to insurance companies. That means learning from past claims, taking corrective action, and creating new procedures to manage high-risk situations. We’ll help you do all of that and share your complete story with underwriters so they can offer you the discounts only available to the safest and lowest-risk manufacturing companies in the industry.

Create a Sustainable Safety Culture

Our safety team will help you strengthen your hiring and training procedures, create training materials, and provide other logistical support to reduce the risk of injury for new employees. We work to change the long-term safety culture within your company that can be seamlessly adopted by every new employee who joins your team.

Identify Hidden Risks

It’s critical in manufacturing to uncover any situations that may threaten the efficiency of your operation. Our agents are trained to take you through a process that will uncover hidden risks that exist. We’ll also help you determine when to consider paying for small claims out of pocket to avoid long-term price increases and keep your insurance rates as low as possible, well into the future.

How to win

at the insurance game

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