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Insurance for Human Services Agencies

Serving Others Requires Peace of Mind

It’s challenging enough to provide essential human services to those in need without worrying about your insurance coverage. Working with an agent that doesn’t understand your business can lead to missed opportunities for more adequate coverage.

Lack of expertise can lead to higher premiums.

Insurance agents often don’t fully understand the details of the work involved in providing care in recovery homes, community centers, and social service agencies. They can easily classify your organization incorrectly, which can result in higher costs or even inadequate coverage.

Missing coverage can lead to higher exposure to risk.

The potential risks for organizations and nonprofits providing important human services are inherently greater than in other workplaces. When working with a vulnerable population you need specific essentials covered like Abuse & Molestation, Employment Practices Liability, and Directors & Officers coverage.

Find the Right Coverage

with a Partner Who Understands Your Needs

Our knowledgeable, experienced agents understand the complex needs of human services organizations. We’ll make it easier to find the right coverage and help make sure you’re getting the discounts you deserve.

Control the Narrative

In the human services world, it’s common for a lack of information to artificially raise insurance rates. We’ll help you become more attractive to insurance companies by supplying more information to underwriters than they typically receive.

Create a Sustainable Safety Culture

One key to receiving significant credits and discounts is to represent a lower level of risk. We’ll help you identify ways to provide more comprehensive training to your staff, shore up your safety procedures and policies, and show insurers that you’re providing the best care possible in the safest way possible.

Identify the Right Coverage

Finding the right coverage can be difficult. Our extensive relationships with insurance companies across the country allow us to provide more resources and coverage options than you might typically find on your own or with another agent. We know how to match the right coverage to various human services offerings so you can focus on providing care to those in need without worrying about your insurance.

How to win

at the insurance game

Feeling frustrated with your insurance program? Learn the basic steps to taking control of your insurance and finding peace-of-mind.

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Your Proactive Insurance Partner

“In our initial meeting, they analyzed our business and saw we had been classified incorrectly. There is no classification for our type of business. Our agent worked with us to be able to find the right spot for us to exist.”
– V. Frash
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We'll Show You the Way

We want you to have the confidence to provide your services efficiently and offer the highest quality of care possible knowing your insurance is under control. Our programs and resources are designed to give you the power to make the changes that can lead to lower insurance rates.

Charter One: Going Above and Beyond

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You Can Count on Us

Our agents go above and beyond to anticipate industry changes and keep their finger on the pulse of what your organization needs. We won’t stop until we find the right insurance solutions for your human services organization.