Essential Management Training

Learn basic leadership principles and management skills to help you in your role as a team leader. You Can Count on Us Our agents go above and beyond to […]

Recruiting and Interviewing Best Practices

Bianca Kapeliela, from LNHR Consulting reviews best practices for recruiting new talent. She covers the complete process from creating and posting job ads, reviewing resumes, interview do’s and don’t’s and […]

Fleet Management Training

Subhead Kathleen Babilon (Amerisure) and Miranda Fernandez (Lebaron Carroll) team up to present this highly impactful and informative training on business fleet management practices. Learn the 7 Essentials of Fleet […]

Navigating Long-term Employee Sickness

When an employee becomes chronically ill it can be devastating. As a business owner or HR Manager, it can also be very difficult to determine how to proceed in a […]

Improving Employee Retention

Webinar Training Laura Newbrough, founder of LNHR Consulting in Mesa, Arizona, covers the topic of employee retention. She discusses how to increase employee loyalty, enhance company culture, and foster an […]

Emergency Action Plan Template

An Emergency Action Plan is a necessary tool for dealing with a variety of crisis situations in the workplace. Download and customize this plan to meet the needs of your […]

Better Understanding Quiet Quitting

“Quiet quitting” is not a new concept new to employers. It occurs when employees become less invested or engaged in their work and only perform their core job duties without […]

Running an Effective Safety Program

Prioritizing workplace safety is crucial for the confidence and efficiency of your business and employees. It not only provides peace of mind but also contributes to a productive work environment. […]

What is an Emod and Why Does it Matter?

If you were to ask a handful of larger construction company owners how to lower their insurance costs, you would likely hear them discuss their E-mod—and for good reason. An […]

What is Social Engineering?

Have you ever received an email from a co-worker asking for information that seemed just a little out of place, only to find out later that the email was not […]