Hazard Communication Program

HAZCOM rules and regulations ensure all employees are familiar with any chemical hazards they may encounter while on the job. Habits of labeling and using safety data sheets communicate the […]

New Hire Orientation Checklist

Employee onboarding is a key part of maintaining a successful business. Use this checklist to help keep track of orientation tasks and setting a strong foundation for your employees.  Stay […]

Employee Handbook Template

Creating an employee handbook from scratch can be stressful. Use this template to kickstart your company policies, general practices, and more.  Start with Safety Here Review and edit to fit […]

Small Business Safety & Health Handbook

Having a safety and health program in place can help your business prevent workplace injuries, enhance team responsibilities, and improve overall compliance. This handbook includes a variety of self-inspection checklists […]

Employee Safety Manual for Construction

A key factor in implementing this policy will be the strict compliance to all applicable federal, state, local, and Company policies and procedures. This sample will help you create a […]

Fleet Safety Policy – Sample

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of work-related fatalities. The purpose of a Fleet Safety program is to eliminate unnecessary injuries and fatal circumstances by reducing those factors that […]

Driver Safety Policy – Sample

To increase employee safety and eliminate unnecessary risks behind the wheel, a distracted driving policy is crucial to your company’s safety and success.  Sections include: cellphone use, obeying the law, […]

Glovebox Accident Form

Vehicle accidents can be overwhelming. Keep this form in your car and use it to help stay calm while gathering information. English / Spanish Form Download and keep this form […]

Accident/Injury Report Form

Accidents happen, and we know paper work is the last thing on your mind. Use this template as a basic guide for what to record when an incident occurs. The […]