Recruiting and Interviewing Best Practices

Bianca Kapeliela, from LNHR Consulting reviews best practices for recruiting new talent. She covers the complete process from creating and posting job ads, reviewing resumes, interview do’s and don’t’s and […]

Navigating Long-term Employee Sickness

When an employee becomes chronically ill it can be devastating. As a business owner or HR Manager, it can also be very difficult to determine how to proceed in a […]

Improving Employee Retention

Webinar Training Laura Newbrough, founder of LNHR Consulting in Mesa, Arizona, covers the topic of employee retention. She discusses how to increase employee loyalty, enhance company culture, and foster an […]

Better Understanding Quiet Quitting

“Quiet quitting” is not a new concept new to employers. It occurs when employees become less invested or engaged in their work and only perform their core job duties without […]